Are you thinking about Travel? Why not do it visiting what really matters?

Hi all,

I thought a lot until start this new business or kind of. Im not pretend earn money with this but just take some profit from this and at the same time do what I like to do the most.

Ok! Ready! Set! GOOOO!!!

There is the business! Are you planning to visit some city around the world? I could help you with this giving you all the tips that you need to make this visit really something that you will never forget. And more important than this what nobody saw or a restricted number of people had access (local tips).


With all my visits around the world and a lot of friends, infos and whatever I could help you planning and taking the best that you could for a city. This means hotels, restaurants, coffee´s, attractions, some useful tips and everything that you need like cheap aways to transfer from the airport, tickets for the metro, etc.

So if you are planning to go somewhere and want to take the best for this city just sent me an email or make a comment bellow and I will provide you all of the details.

Visit my profile on Tripadvisor and you could check all of the almost 200 hundred cities that I visited in more than 20 countries.

So dont lose time with crap and get the best tips to make your life easy and enjoy your stay.

I also could provide all of the feedback in different languages (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch).

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Fado in Chiado

Hi all,

After some months far away from my city it was time to return and enjoy some of the culture that I miss during so much time! It was time to return and see and listen something that I miss, something that shake your heart, make you have some chicken skin.

3º aniversário Fado in Chiado_5mar2012 (82)

I decide to go to Fado in Chiado and see what Portugal really have to offer, what we do better, what we are, our identity, our roots. At the time I thought that will going to be a little boring, not because I think it is but because normally I’m use to see this when I’m eating, this was for me the concept of seeing Fado on live and more than this fell it.

3º aniversário Fado in Chiado_5mar2012 (77)

I could say that I was surprise about it: the place, singers, environment, performance, audio, scenario, everything!

The show is done in more or less 1h, which are the right time to persons that never listen this and at the same time the perfect time to remember. It was interesting, it was refreshing, it was fell at home.

Big part of the room was fill with non-Portuguese people (I really think that I was the only one). I think that this happens not because we don’t like it but basically because we don’t take the advantage of what we produce and also because Portuguese people think that is a tourist trap.

I really enjoy the all of the minutes that I was there. I recommend everyone Portuguese or not to go there and enjoy as much as I enjoy. Its amazing what you could fell, especially for me that born in this country.

From now that’s all. Hope to right more as soon as I have the time to do it, because be away of the country let me experience even more Portugal and all that this country have.


Snowing in Paris! :)

Its snowing in Paris!
IMG_2026 IMG_2028 IMG_2029 IMG_2030

DALÍ Exposition @Centre Pompidou – Paris


Today I´m going talk about Dalí Exposition in Centre Pompidou in Paris.


Dalí is one of the most complex and prolific great figures in 20th century art, Salvador Dalí, more than thirty years after the retrospective that the institution devoted to him in 1979-1980. Often criticised for his theatricality, his liking for money and his provocative stance on political issues, Dalí is both one of the most controversial artists and one of the most popular. This unprecedented exhibition sets out to throw light on the full power of his work and the part played in it by his personality and his strokes of genius as much as his outrageousness.

This exposition is open until 25 March 2013 from 11h00 to 23h00

One video about the exposition:

And you could check the official webpage here.

If  you are in Paris or planning to come until 25 March take a look not only on this exposition but in all Center. Its amazing! 🙂


Schiermonnikoog Festival


Today im going talk about one of the most amazing classic musical festivals that i have been! Schiermonnikoog!


The 12th edition of this festival  is going to happen in the next October in one of the 5 West Frisian Islands. This island is part of the province of Friesland in Netherlands. The island is also a municipality and a national park.

In the last September i was there and i work like a volunteer organizing the documentation for the visitors, preparing dinner and other stuff.

Its amazing what you fell when you are in the Island and the festival is something really indescribable. I have so much fun there with all the musicians and we have a lot of time to get in touch, know some stories and share some nice moments.

I want to return this year between 5 and 10 October and you could check all the information on the official website here.

From know i let you with some of my pictures there! Enjoy! 🙂

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Enjoy Paris!

Hi all,

For a long time that i didnt come to the blog and write something! Not because i didnt have time but probably because i just dont have now too much time to travel.

Life change and now im not locate in Lisbon but im living in Paris! Im now a portuguese that is searching for something outside the country that saw me grow in the last 25 years.

From now live in another country its difficult but always depends for your open mind and your view of life. For me this is the biggest experience of my life! Now i know that i will have a story to share in a few years with everyone! I already have this!

Its amazing how you could change everything and at the same time nothing.

Just let the pictures talk! Enjoy! 🙂

P1060717 2012-09-04_1346797020 2012-09-08_1347144902 P1060733 P1060964 2012-10-28_1351438837

Skansen Zoo @Stockholm


Good morning everyone,

This is the first time im going talk about a place outside Portugal and i choose one of the cities that i liked most. This city is Stockholm in Sweden. This is amazing, organize, clean and beautiful. They have a wonderful network transport and its was the best trip when you compare time/money/knowledge. I was there only 3 days, in December 2010, and with help of ERASMUS friends could be possible to saw the best of this city.

Today im going talk about Skansen Zoo, not because its the best thing to see in city, but its my first zoo outside my country and is a big surprise.

Skansen its the first world outdoor museum and at the same time, a zoo, with an area of 300 000m2 and locate in Djurgården Island.

On Sunday, 11th of October 1891 Skansen was opened to the public by a  man called Artur Hazelius and the objective its to share and group 150 constructions from all Sweden. This constructions was assembled and disassembled, piece for piece, give a global vision for life in Sweden, from poor farming villages to nobility rich homes.

Like most of countries in Europe, Sweden suffered profound changes in the XIX Century, passing of their rural way of life to an industrialized society. Skansen its one way to get all information of this period in one location.

Most of employees are old persons and try to represent and pass a real image about houses, schools and farms that exists. Its amazing all efforts given by all. Skansen its clean, organize and when i visit their exists a christmas market with typical food and some clothes. The best?Price.. 6€ and you have total access. This city had the most incredible prices when you are talk about culture.

Check my pictures if you are thinking of travelling Stockholm!

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Bom dia,

Desta vez e para me estrear em falar de um local fora de Portugal escolhi uma das cidades que mais gostei de visitar! Estamos a falar de Estocolmo, na Suécia. É fantástica a cidade, organizada, limpa, lindíssima, têm uma rede de transportes fenomenal e foi das viagens mais proveitosas em termos de tempo/conhecimento. Estive lá apenas 3 dias, em Dezembro de 2010, mas com a ajuda de amigos que estavam a fazer ERASMUS, foi-nos possível conhecer o melhor que a cidade têm para oferecer.

Hoje venho falar do Skansen Zoo, não porque tenha sido a melhor coisa que vi em Estocolmo, mas porque nunca tinha visitado um zoo fora de Portugal e este foi sem dúvida uma surpresa.

O Skansen para além de ser o primeiro museu do mundo ao ar livre é, também um jardim zoológio, tem uma área de 300 000 m2 e situa-se na Ilha de Djurgården.

Foi fundado em 1891 por um senhor chamado Artur Hazelius que tinha como objectivo tentar partilhar  e agrupar cerca de 150 construções procedentes de toda a Suécia, desmontadas e voltadas a montar, peça a peça, no seu lugar definitivo, dando uma visão global sobre a vida na Suécia, desde as pobres aldeias agrícolas até às ricas residências da nobreza.

Como na maioria dos países da europa, a Suécia sofreu profundas mudanças no Século XIX, passando do seu modo de vida rural para uma sociedade industrializada e, com vista a que toda essa informação não fosse perdida e agrupa num único local.

Muitos dos empregados são claramente séniores que estão a tentar passar uma imagem real da vida nas casas, escolas, quintas que existiam na altura. É de louvar o trabalho e esforço prestado por todos. O parque é organizado, limpo, na altura em que o visitei existia uma feira de Natal fantástica! E o preço de entrada? 6€. É o acesso fácil a cultura e divertimento que não se assiste em outros países da Europa!

Ficam algumas fotografias do local e se estiverem a pensar viajar até Estocolmo!

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Visitem que vai valer a pena. 🙂

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