Enjoy Paris!

Hi all,

For a long time that i didnt come to the blog and write something! Not because i didnt have time but probably because i just dont have now too much time to travel.

Life change and now im not locate in Lisbon but im living in Paris! Im now a portuguese that is searching for something outside the country that saw me grow in the last 25 years.

From now live in another country its difficult but always depends for your open mind and your view of life. For me this is the biggest experience of my life! Now i know that i will have a story to share in a few years with everyone! I already have this!

Its amazing how you could change everything and at the same time nothing.

Just let the pictures talk! Enjoy! 🙂

P1060717 2012-09-04_1346797020 2012-09-08_1347144902 P1060733 P1060964 2012-10-28_1351438837


About diogomfguilherme

Im locate in Paris working in one energy company and develop some work in Enterprise Architecture area. At the same time im taking a double-master in Sorbonne University. I was during for the last 5 years consultant in a multinational company in Information Technology in Portugal. Im a person with different interests and motivations in diferent areas Ver todos os artigos de diogomfguilherme

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