Fado in Chiado

Hi all,

After some months far away from my city it was time to return and enjoy some of the culture that I miss during so much time! It was time to return and see and listen something that I miss, something that shake your heart, make you have some chicken skin.

3º aniversário Fado in Chiado_5mar2012 (82)

I decide to go to Fado in Chiado and see what Portugal really have to offer, what we do better, what we are, our identity, our roots. At the time I thought that will going to be a little boring, not because I think it is but because normally I’m use to see this when I’m eating, this was for me the concept of seeing Fado on live and more than this fell it.

3º aniversário Fado in Chiado_5mar2012 (77)

I could say that I was surprise about it: the place, singers, environment, performance, audio, scenario, everything!

The show is done in more or less 1h, which are the right time to persons that never listen this and at the same time the perfect time to remember. It was interesting, it was refreshing, it was fell at home.

Big part of the room was fill with non-Portuguese people (I really think that I was the only one). I think that this happens not because we don’t like it but basically because we don’t take the advantage of what we produce and also because Portuguese people think that is a tourist trap.

I really enjoy the all of the minutes that I was there. I recommend everyone Portuguese or not to go there and enjoy as much as I enjoy. Its amazing what you could fell, especially for me that born in this country.

From now that’s all. Hope to right more as soon as I have the time to do it, because be away of the country let me experience even more Portugal and all that this country have.





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