Are you thinking about Travel? Why not do it visiting what really matters?

Hi all,

I thought a lot until start this new business or kind of. Im not pretend earn money with this but just take some profit from this and at the same time do what I like to do the most.

Ok! Ready! Set! GOOOO!!!

There is the business! Are you planning to visit some city around the world? I could help you with this giving you all the tips that you need to make this visit really something that you will never forget. And more important than this what nobody saw or a restricted number of people had access (local tips).


With all my visits around the world and a lot of friends, infos and whatever I could help you planning and taking the best that you could for a city. This means hotels, restaurants, coffee´s, attractions, some useful tips and everything that you need like cheap aways to transfer from the airport, tickets for the metro, etc.

So if you are planning to go somewhere and want to take the best for this city just sent me an email or make a comment bellow and I will provide you all of the details.

Visit my profile on Tripadvisor and you could check all of the almost 200 hundred cities that I visited in more than 20 countries.

So dont lose time with crap and get the best tips to make your life easy and enjoy your stay.

I also could provide all of the feedback in different languages (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch).

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,


About diogomfguilherme

Im locate in Paris working in one energy company and develop some work in Enterprise Architecture area. At the same time im taking a double-master in Sorbonne University. I was during for the last 5 years consultant in a multinational company in Information Technology in Portugal. Im a person with different interests and motivations in diferent areas Ver todos os artigos de diogomfguilherme

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